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Country Profile 

Why Africa? 

Our starting point...yes... Africa. A continent as diverse as it is complex, a continent home to over 1.4 billion people and 54 countries, making it the second-most populous continent in the world. Events in Africa are not isolated, they hold global importance. Political transitions, economic developments and conflicts in Africa have ripple effects that stretch far beyond its borders. 

Our vision extends beyond the boundaries of a single continent. While we begin with Africa, we are dedicated to expanding our weekly round-ups to other continents in due course, tacking our mission to new frontiers by connecting the dots between nations and continents. 

Sometimes, a short summary is not enough. That is why, our country profile page is designed to complement our weekly newsletter and a valuable resource tab providing you with data ranging from geography, demographics, culture and economy. Remember, we are not just about information; we are about exploration too. Our profiles provide carefully curated links to further reading materials, key insights, and in-depth articles. 






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